Poker Face = good or bad relationship…

Is there more ways than one to look at your loved one? I have been recently questioned on my truthfulness and told that my eyes reveal mixed measages… I am not clear on perception! But is a relationship based on ques… Or words? Lets show love with actions and not by chance! Welcome to therapy… … Continue reading

Good day… Bad days… And then SEX

Isn’t life a compilation of good days, bad days and SEX! The good days help survive the bad days, and SEX is usually geat in both scenarios! So what is sex on a bad day? Angry Sex… And sex on a good day? LOVE MAKING? I gues that sex is the act between to human … Continue reading

The up side of ANGER

Laching out is common in a relationship trying to re built! What is the up side of anger you might ask? Well through anger emptions are lashing out and words tend to acompany those emotions… Lets look at this, a if we were driving some where and we get on the high way… The road … Continue reading

“Cause its Hard to Dance with a Devil on your Back so shake him off”

I can’t get enough of (Florence and the Machine) and their wonderful song Shake it Off! When a relationship is going well and no big issues arise, life just flyes by and no retrospect is ever a project! However when infidelity knocks in the door, all of the sudden there’s a Devil present in the … Continue reading

Lets talk about love

To be or not to be… That is the question? What is love? How much do you love yourself? To love you must love yourself first don’t you think? We are living in an untolerant world where individuals are constanly judge for who they love… And I wonder? Those who judge, love themselves? Let me … Continue reading