Patience a Virtue?

Patience a commonly used word , that humans lost a little of their meaning. Patience walks hand to hand with Time and time is of the essence. We usually forget how hard work introduces us to patience in and intellectual level. Time is very precious and is commonly mised used in mundane things , that … Continue reading

“Cause its Hard to Dance with a Devil on your Back so shake him off”

I can’t get enough of (Florence and the Machine) and their wonderful song Shake it Off! When a relationship is going well and no big issues arise, life just flyes by and no retrospect is ever a project! However when infidelity knocks in the door, all of the sudden there’s a Devil present in the … Continue reading

Finally an open FORUM for open minded individuals…

What to expect from Bazinganism? Poetry, Art, Dialogue! Pretty much anything that comes to mind… sexual preferences, desires! Knowledge seekers… Whats right, whats wrong! Honesty to oneself above all will prevail!!! Join… and welcome to therapy!