Patience a Virtue?

Patience a commonly used word , that humans lost a little of their meaning. Patience walks hand to hand with Time and time is of the essence. We usually forget how hard work introduces us to patience in and intellectual level. Time is very precious and is commonly mised used in mundane things , that need time but only a few of ours. We often think patience is to be reserved , quiet , or just repeating a kind act.I can describe patience as we embark on a journey , knowing the risk ie( getting lost, getting there, discovering things) tackling adversities with calm and strength enduring what life brings you. It’s and ability. I recommend that we spend some time in streghtening our patience because that will take you long ways. We have to look at it as and art at the same time as one of the key aspects of life. Even do you hear it often; if I were to tell you patience is essential to a better life, you would spend time in it. It’s not a easy road but wonderfull rewards await for those who embark that journey. On the same note if you are one of the few or the bunch that are on track , show and teach patience to people or friends and lets make this a better world. It’s and everyday reminder but it’s sublime in every part of it. We can all agreed that it is a virtue .

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