“Cause its Hard to Dance with a Devil on your Back so shake him off”

I can’t get enough of (Florence and the Machine) and their wonderful song Shake it Off!

When a relationship is going well and no big issues arise, life just flyes by and no retrospect is ever a project! However when infidelity knocks in the door, all of the sudden there’s a Devil present in the room!

Human beings, lie, cheat and steel daily, because we look at the mirror and say boy you look better each day! (lie) we cheat ourself from good diet or that extra rep at the gym… If we ever make it there! lol and we steal from our loved ones the moment we lie and cheat their piece of mind!

A wise person once told me that trust is based on rutines… For example we trust the sun will come out tomorrow, because it comes out every day! The question is how do we rebuild trust once we destroy consistency?

Lets make sure the sun rises every morning in our relationships, and with time maybe… It will all be better:)

Welcome to therapy…


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